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Abdul Bari

Node JS Software Engineer

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Node JS Software Engineer

👋 Hello! I am a highly skilled Specialist Node Developer with over 3+ years of industry experience. I specialize in building robust applications and websites using a wide range of technologies and frameworks including 

⚛️ React JS, 

🔄 Redux, 

🚀 Next Js, 

⚙️ Node JS, 

🏗️ Nest Js, 

🌐 Express Js, 

🐘 Postgres SQL, 

🍃 MongoDB, 

🌐 REST API's, 

🔗 GraphQL. 

🔑 My expertise lies in developing large-scale applications and solving complex problems. I have a strong command over both REST APIs and GraphQL APIs, enabling me to create efficient and scalable solutions. With my extensive experience in front-end and back-end development, I can seamlessly integrate and optimize all components of your project.

📢 I am known for my excellent communication skills and believe in establishing a strong rapport with my clients. This approach helps foster trust and ensures that I fully understand their requirements and objectives. I am committed to delivering high-quality work on time, meeting and exceeding client expectations.

✨ Here are some key skills and technologies excel in:

🔹 Programming Languages and Frameworks: 

🐍 Python, 

🔷 TypeScript, 

⚛️ React.js, 

📱 React Native, 

🖼️ Vue.js

🔹 Back-End Development: 

🌐 Node.js, 

🌐 Express.js, 

🍃 MongoDB, 

🐘 PostgreSQL, 

🗝️ TypeORM, 

🔗 GraphQL, 

🚀 Apollo GraphQL, 

ğŸŽ¯ trpc, 

🔥 Firebase

🔹 Front-End Development: 

⚛️ React.js, 

📱 React Native, 

🚀 Next.js, 

🔄 Redux, 

⚛️ React Hooks, 

🖼️ Vue.js

🔹 Full-Stack Development: Expertise in both front-end and back-end development

🔹 Version Control and DevOps: 🐙 Git, 🐳 Docker, 🌐 Nginx

🔹 Cloud Platforms and Services: ☁️ Amazon Web Services (AWS), 🔥 Firebase

🔹 Web Servers and Deployment: 🌐 Nginx, 🐳 Docker, ☁️ AWS

🔹 Database Management: 🍃 MongoDB, 🐘 PostgreSQL, 🔥 Firebase

🔹 Web Development Frameworks: 🌐 Express.js, 🚀 Next.js, 🔥 Firebase, 🗝️ TypeORM, 🚀 Apollo GraphQL, ♻️ remix

🔹 Other Skills: 🐧 Linux, 🔧 Engineering

🤝 I am excited to collaborate with you and discuss your project requirements in detail. Let's schedule a call to explore how I can contribute to your success!

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