How to Find Work

Find the right work for you, with great clients, at the world’s work marketplace

Find the perfect project for you

Find the perfect project for you

There is every category of project available under one roof at UptecHunt like web development, content creation, and many more. You have the freedom to choose from a plethora of projects.

Use the right filters to discover relevant projects that you want to work on.

Make sure you clearly read the project requirements and that they align with your expertise.

You can also choose if you want to work with the client and engage accordingly.

Only bid for those projects that intrigue you.

Offer your best skills at your best price

Offer your best skills at your best price

Getting a project is just the start of a journey, now you have to make the right proposal to a client. You should make a proposal that reflects your expertise accurately and explain what you bring to the table. You can also negotiate the amount of compensation that you expect.

It is important to make the right bid and for the same, you should compare various market prices.

You can also give various offers depending on the type of project.

It is recommended that your pricing model be transparent.

On top of your main project, you can include services like consultations and revisions.

Your Proposal your way

Your Proposal your way

It is very easy to customize your proposal as UptecHunt allows you to curate your own proposals. There are various ways to improve your proposal and you can also add images and media to your proposal.

A professional way of engagement can improve your credibility.

Focus on those skills that can beneficial for the project.

You can also describe your approach towards the project.

Make sure to include samples of previous work that vouch for you.

Easy to withdraw

Easy to withdraw

There are various to get paid On UptecHunt depending on your area’s regulations.

You should be upfront about a payment method.

Make sure your payment details are right for smooth payment processing.

You can always withdraw your earnings through your preferred method.

Pay your taxes according to your area’s tax code.

Project Completed get review

Project Completed get review

After you have done your work, your work will be evaluated by your client. If you get a positive review it will boost your profile and bring in more more clients.

You should complete the project on time.

Take feedback of client very seriously and improve accordingly.

You can also respond to clients and take important inputs.

If executed correctly you will get positive reviews.